California Boiler Case Studies
Bayonne Cogeneration

This was one of the first CCGT cogeneration plants in the Northeast. The original developer was Cogen Technologies. In September 2004, Newmarket Power Co, a jointly owned subsidiary of MMC Energy and Morris Energy Group, acquired the facility. The plant is grid-connected at 138kV. Bayonne supplies all required steam for IMTT’s NJ based operation.


  • Successfully completed startup of boilers 5 and 6 after original supplier was unable and left job site. Improved the BMS systems on both units.
  • Corrected several operating deficiencies on the burners.
  • Installed new Moore controllers on units 5 and 6, and replaced the operating drives for the jackshaft driven fuel and air actuators.
  • Installed a Plant Master Based Control System at plant, and reconfigured controls for boilers 7 and 8.
  • Installed DA Tank controls and added all controls to the existing DCS system.

Bayonne, New Jersey